Frequently Ask Question

We'd love to have you as a wholesale customer! To get started, simply apply for a new wholesale account by sending us an email or message. Once you've submitted your resale certificate and other company details, our team will verify your information and grant you permission to purchase from us. After you've been authenticated, you can browse through our extensive catalog of top-selling products on our website. Simply send us the ASINs or SKUs of the products you're interested in purchasing at MOQ or higher quantities. We'll check our inventory to confirm availability and send you one or more invoices based on your requirements. Throughout the process, our sales team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth transaction. We value your business and look forward to building a long-term relationship with you!
Certainly! We offer shipping services to FBA or Amazon Warehouses, provided that all box labels and shipping labels are shared with us correctly.
Upon receipt of your payment, we will review and confirm it within a day or two before proceeding to pack your purchased items. At this stage, we will request the FNSKU labels, which you can send via email or chat. The packing process typically takes 2-3 days. Once completed, we will provide you with the product dimensions to enable you to send us the thermal labels. As soon as we receive the thermal labels, we will promptly ship your products.
Certainly! We offer FBA packaging services for $0.50 (fifty cents) per unit packed. Our services include all necessary steps for packaging, such as FNSKU labeling, boxes, polybags, and more.
We can provide estimated lead times (in days) on your quote and in our inventory feed's column H. However, once your order leaves our warehouse, carrier delays are beyond our control. Due to the complexity and size of wholesale orders, carrier delays are common. We cannot take responsibility for them. Estimated times are based on various factors and are subject to change. Please keep in mind that large order fulfillment centers handle numerous orders and operate complex shipping systems.
Below is a comprehensive list of payment options that we accept. Please note that full payment is required before shipment.
1- ACH or wire transfer
Cancellations or returns are not permitted.
Certainly! You may register as an individual and enter "NA" for any required information, such as the Tax ID #. If the shipping address is in NY, we will need a tax exempt certificate. If you do not have a company name, please use your personal name instead.
Panther Wind does not sell below MOQ quantities to maintain a favorable ecosystem with lower competition for our customers. Exceptions may apply to specific products, and you can inquire about purchasing the desired quantity. We will provide you with the relevant information you need.